Price Analysis, Closed Beta Starting, Investment Caps, Institutional Partner Announcement, and More….🔥🔥🔥

5 min readJan 30, 2022

Hello AutoCrypters,

I hope everyone is doing good and keeping a positive outlook on this recent market downturn. Our token $AU has a bright future and this dip has happened because a few early investors with multiple wallets had large numbers of tokens and have sold and taken profit; also BTC dropped which caused BNB to drop. Since we are paired with BNB, the dip in BNB has affected our price. This is temporary, and the token price should bounce back when the market bounces back.We have a record number of holders, and over 70% of $AU tokens are still vested.

The closed beta is starting on February 14th, as it is our present to our wonderful holders for Valentine’s Day. On Feb 1st, the team will begin to release the order of the wallets that are able to join the beta. There will be a spreadsheet released with all of the wallet addresses that are included in the beta. A private beta round is currently ongoing as was announced on the last AMA and results will be partially published like the alpha simulations and that will happen as soon as the data is available (first set of data will probably be released in early February).

We also have some website updates: A wiki tab that will have information and frequently asked questions for the community, updates to the whitepaper, updates to the swap feature, additional options for buying AU token easily, updates to the tier information, additional partnerships added to “Our Partners” section, updates to roadmap, improved process for connecting wallet to AU dashboard and more upcoming.

Just for a review the only purpose of the new token is to manage the investment using a DAO system. It will not be tradeable, you will not be able to buy it, and it will not have liquidity on any exchange. It will be used to keep track of the value of each trading cycle.

The currencies that will be needed for the beta are BUSD and BNB for now. In the future we will try to add additional currencies such as ETH and others. As far as how the beta users will be chosen everyone who filled the google form will get into the beta just in a specific order which will be: the dev team, mods, and founders will be the first added, then the order will be determined by seniority of holding without selling. The longer you’ve been holding without selling, the sooner you will be added to the beta.

The beta initial investment by holders will start very low, something like $100 the first week, and gradually be increased; by the time the majority of people join, they will be able to add larger amounts like $1000. The amount n investment in will be increased as the beta progresses. The beta will end whenever the team feels it is safe and working correctly. When we get to this point, it will be opened to the public. There is no set date at this time.

We have also received some questions about how once the project reaches mass adoption, how we will avoid impacting the market? One thing we are prioritizing is using futures without leverage- futures don’t actually make real trades, they just bet on the evolution of a specific token, so it has no major effect on the market. Eventually, there will also be an option to trade coins that are not in the top 200, so they have a lower market cap. There will be more trades taken in each iteration and there will be parallel iterations happening at the same time.

Another question we received was: will the AI be based only on technical analysis or will it incorporate from information from the news and social media? For now, it will be based on technical analysis, but as a side project, the team is working on a fourth AI that will analyze sentiments from social media that may be incorporated in the future.

You can catch the AMA for more details here.

The last announcement was just made yesterday during our AMA. There was a guessing game on the name of the Spanish institutional partner that lasted a week on Twitter. Well today the partner was finally announced! 🕺🏻💃🏽

Our new institutional partner is UCAM University!!! They will also be incorporating crypto education at their university and they will also be investing in AU as part of their investment fund.

We have partnered with UCAM because both AU and UCAM are in a position to benefit from the partnership. UCAM will be acquiring 5% of the company and a percentage of the tokens that belong to the project. One thing that many projects is missing is that they stay only in crypto; UCAM is going to help bridge between crypto and fiat economy. -Will support AU by developing the legal framework for the company. They will provide ongoing legal support as well as marketing and multimedia support. UCAM has a marketing staff with 30 people working in online marketing.

They will also help expand AU internationally, including to the Chinese community; will help develop brand positioning- more information on this topic later. AU will also have a presence in UCAM’s sports programs. UCAM is also going to support and invest in AU long-term and promote AU to other institutional partners.

Part of the benefit of this partnership is to open up connections with other projects. AU will be part of a selected group of companies from different sectors. These relationships with other companies are part of the benefit of working with UCAM; as there are more than 100 partners in the UCAM business club, and most of them are interested in entering the crypto market. UCAM will open the door to help these partners invest in AU.

This collaboration is not about only money, it’s about resources. We didn’t make this partnership to pump AU. So the goal is to be a long-term, sustainable project in the coming years.

Those were all the updates since the last article! Make sure you follow our medium and other social media accounts to keep up to date to all information on what is coming up for AU!

Have a great week and be safe out there!!




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