New Year Updates ^^

3 min readJan 11, 2022

Hello AutoCrypters!

Happy New Year to all of our holders and may 2022 bring you everything you wish for! 🥳

The last couple of weeks have been hard in the crypto scene but here at AutoCrypto we are holding the fort thanks to our beautiful community. The market has been affected by the rate hike in the USA and by the situation in Kazakhstan, where a good part of the miners are located.

We have officially passed 6300 holders :)

We have very exciting partnerships we are working on. One of them is pretty much almost done unless something happens and will be announced by next week! Also, negotiations are underway with a powerful institutional partner that will open new market avenues and provide access to new advertising venues for the $AU token.

There are some new ways to buy the $AU token coming up as well using the Swappy tool on Forint Finance mentioned on a previous update by using a credit card and by buying a foreign gift card.

The beta simulation will be starting soon and running for 2–3 months and will be shut down once the final project is ready. The beta will start with amount limits depending on the tier level and it will be between 100–1000$, so that no one risks too much until the final product is out. Users will be selected and entered giving priority to founders and long time holders that have not sold and moving down the line. There will also be investment windows, possibly weekly for each group.

Security and safety are some of the most important things here at AutoCrypto and holders will be able to send money to a contract by providing liquidity and receiving a ‘token’. It is not a new token so it will not negatively affect the $AU token; but the contract will be made in a way that MetaMask or Trust Wallet believes it is a ‘token’ so it will be easy to track the monetary value of your investment without a need to log into the dashboard. Only holders of AutoCrypto can buy it to invest in the AI depending on their tier.

The ‘token’ will be purchased on AU’s website and the provisional name is AG. The ‘token’ will make it easy with tax returns since only one token will be bought for AI investment and we will get the benefits in the form of the same revalued token. This new ‘token’ is not tradable and people cashing out from the AI does not affect its price.

This is amazing because it will be a decentralized database as it is more transparent than a centralized one and security is also upmost because the blockchain is what is providing the security. So as holders get added more and more into the beta simulation they can invest a specific amount depending on their tier and will get a specific amount of this ‘token’.

The last update is that the fifth rewards are being dropped in the dashboard for holders. Remember that you do NOT ave to claim as they accumulate and that vesting 100% of your tokens give you twice the rewards compared to if you were not vested.

You can check the YouTube recording of the AMA here 🥳




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