1 min readDec 18, 2021

Hello AutoCrypters,

There are a few updates we wanted to discuss:

A new feature on the dashboard will be the ability to buy and store any tokens on the BSC network in our contract just like vesting. Our contract will be checking every new block with our private node and it will keep studying the new token contract address; if it detects that the owner of the contract is changing the contract in anyway to a honeypot, rugpull (or any change), it will sell your tokens for you at a 10% fee.

Also there are a few copy-cat projects that have been appearing all over and this is just confirmation and reminder that AutoCrypto has no relationship with any of them at all. Be safe put there please!

Beta recruitment process has started and here is the Google Form so you all that want to join can start signing in!

This is also a reminder that staking partnerships have started already! Investors can stake to earn $AU tokens in both Affinity and EarnHub staking platforms!

Also the first institutional partnership with huge implications like national-wide advertisements could be very, very close! Can’t say names yet tho 🙊 Please stay tuned :)

The last update is that we are currently in negotiations for our first CEX listing🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

If you missed our AMA on the 17th, it was recorded and is available on our youtube channel as well.




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