1 min readDec 3, 2021

Dear AutoCrypters,

AutoCrypto has been listed on #SWAPPY, the new MultiChain platform of Forint Finance!

Forint Finance Swappy is a cross chain swapping platform where you can exchange tokens from other networks like Polygon, Avalanche and future upcoming blockchains to our AutoCrypto token on BSC.

You can go to the link on Swappy and connect your wallet and the platform will automatically detect what chain is on your wallet and will show you tokens you hold on those chains. Then you can choose any tokens you hold on the supported chains and swap them to our $AU tokens.

This is a good partnership because it will be cheaper for holders of tokens on other chains supported to swap to AutoCrypto token through Swappy than to swap their tokens across chains through exchanges which will incur more fees.

Check out our new partner Forint Finance on their socials below:







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