New Beta Date and Other Announcements

3 min readFeb 17, 2022

Hello AutoCrypters!

There are some recent updates that were announced during the last AMA on February 13th.

First update is the beta start date was pushed back until the week of February 21st due an issue detected with withdrawals from the DAO system. This does not affect most of the holders that are in the beta as the first week was going to be for mostly founders, mods and admins as well as private sale investors.

The final beta list was published after the team reviewed the complaints form and can be seen here.

To access the beta, there will be 2 buttons- one to add funds and one to remove funds. When you access the beta, you will see a message popup that will require you to accept- the message states that the product is in beta and you are using it at your own risk. You must also accept the terms and conditions.

Example of the screen

We will be using USDT instead of BUSD because the futures market on the Binance exchange has 140 pairs in USDT and only 8 pairs in BUSD, so it it too restrictive.

The Smart Investor (AI) will use the max amount that you put in that doesn’t exceed your max cap. If you want to limit how much you want to invest, you will just need to withdraw any funds you don’t want the AI to invest. There was previously intended to be a way to limit how much you could invest, but with the DAO system in place, it caused too many gas fees.

Two new projects have approached AU about partnerships with staking options- Revival DeFi and Token Team. These partnerships will be rolling out in the near future.

In the next 2 weeks, Izhan will visit UCAM and have a press conference where they sign the agreement and formally begin the partnership.

Every week, the team will update the spreadsheet in Google docs and highlight the wallets that will be able to enter- this is how you’ll know when you can join the beta.

Izhan is in talks with an exchange (Probit) about integrating AU into their exchange by creating an investment platform- this platform can be exportable to other projects to also invest using AU tokens- this is a new utility for AU.

The DAO contract will be audited multiple times.

The team is working on setting up the dashboard so that we can see the simulation results- it will take a few days for the team to get this feature up and running in the dashboard.

The public version (assuming everything is going smoothly during closed beta) will probably be within a few months- it will be opened to the public once legal frameworks are complete and the team is sure that the beta is working correctly.

The team is currently using the Smart Investor initially with no leverage but are they are working on testing with different values of leverage and stop loss.

These are just some of the updates from the AMA. Please check out our youtube channel to watch the full video recap of the AMA




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