2 min readNov 15, 2021

Dear community, we have some exciting announcements to share!! 🥰

AutoCrypto has officially partnered up with Affinity! They will be offering AutoCrypto ($AU) token as a reward token on their incoming staking for holders of Affinity. We are so excited about this partnership and hope this can last for a long time!

Also, there is another partnership to announce!

We will be having a collaboration with Vault DeFi and will be partnering on podcast-like AMAs to have some discussions on DeFi in general! During these spaces conversation AutoCrypto will get more exposure to some new groups ofpeople which is amazing! Dont forget to join us on November 20th at 20:00 UTC!

We have committed to providing announcements and new features at least once per week! So there is a lot more in store 🥰

Check out our last AMA here

Please don’t forget to join our AMA today in Affinity’s telegram group today at 16:00 UTC to find out more about our collaboration and stating.




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