3 min readDec 1, 2021

Hello Autocrypters,

As of today we have a new feature on our website and dashboard. There is now an anti-honey swap available on our website. From here anyone can use it to write or import the contract address of any token to buy. But there an an anti-honey feature there where if the contract is read and suspected to be a honeypot, it will not buy. Please note that is is not foolproof and to always DYOR. Scammers are very good at finding ways to get around honeypot checkers and evolving to create better ways to scam people! It is jus an extra thing to help our holders and the BSC community in avoiding all these rugs on the BSC network. This swap will charge an additional 1% fee of the investment to use for the general public (no account and not a holder of $AU)

For our holders, this swap feature will also be available on the dashboard app on a new section! Under this new section, there will be some of the calls from our discord channels that you have access to depending on your tier, such as listing on CMC or CG alerts, Dextools trending alerts, upcoming exchange listings alerts, approves, etc. In here you can also filter to get calls that you are more interested in going into and you will be able to get notifications on the browser from the dashboard as well.

The Content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

You are also able to input default swap settings beforehand to increase your speed of going into calls you choose.

For $AU holders, there is a fee reduction to use the swap within the dashboard depending on your tier and vesting status with the highest reduction for vested elite holders.

More updates to look forward to with the anti-honey swap; in the future, a new feature that will come in the next 2–3 weeks will be the ability to buy and store tokens in our contract just like vesting. Our contract will be checking every new block with our private node and it will keep studying the new token contract address; if it detects that the owner of the contract is changing the contract in anyway to a honeypot (or any change), it will frontrun their contract and sell your tokens for you. Better to lose part of the investment than all of it. With this you can salvage something from honeypots and rugs.

I hope you guys are excited about the future here with us at AutoCrypto! Look forward to more announcements soon 🥳🥳🥳

Have a great day!




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