Beta Progress updates and new features upcoming 😎😎

2 min readApr 6, 2022

Hello AutoCrypters,

I hope everyone has been doing well. The night mode which has been asked for by a lot of our holders is finally released! And some new bots have been released as well. After the proven success of the Trending Top 3 new listings in CMC bot, we created the same bot for CoinGecko. Can be seen in the channel 🦎#listings-coingecko and our dashboard.

The Smart Investor has successfully started the beta and had to be stopped to deal with some bugs for some days but it is back to running again. This is normal to make sure that it is running fine with no big bugs. The beta list gets updated every week and you can see your progress to becoming orange then green and therefore being able to add your $100 maximum investment into the beta here. There are currently 500 wallets in the green that can contribute to the beta phase out of 2159 wallets that will be in the beta.

Please remember that this is a beta and an AI learns. We have always been transparent in that we expect some weeks of losses at the beginning of the beta while the AI learns and more and more money is introduced. So the AI is working mostly in futures since with that slippage is not too big of an issue to worry about and gas fees are not too high. There is no effect on the real token price and no limitations by liquidity, as well as other factors. I am joining a summary of the past few days of the AI performance.

Another feature that has been mentioned before is the Autocrypto Guard which was put on pause is due to come out very soon! AU Guard can detect a transaction on tokens that can convert the contract into a honeypot; AU Guard can then front-run the change, thereby helping to get your money back. This is an amazing feature as in BSC rug pulls are so common so this is to help protect our holders.

AutoCrypto ProSniper bot is also coming not too long after AU Guard release and will be available for Pro & Elite tier holders.

Another feature that will be coming in the future for the Smart Investor is that we will allow people to start becoming traders and creating their own bots.

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel frequently as it gets updated with and AMAs that take place.

Until next time,

Autocrypto Team.




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